How do I enrol?

Pre-Enrolment and the Enrolment Process

Manukau Christian School maintains an open enrolment policy and we have no enrolment zone.

Pre-Enrolment is essentially enrolling in advance.  We recommend pre-enrolment be undertaken as early as possible, up to five years in advance of when you anticipate your child or children will be attending school.  

The process is as follows:

Request a prospectus,  read the prospectus online, or visit the school at any time for more information.  Click on International Students if you are not a domestic student.

Call our office for an enrolment pack or download one from our website.  

  • We acknowledge receipt of the Enrolment Form.
  • An assessment is sat and a meeting with the Principal is arranged.
  • You will be notified whether your Enrolment has been accepted.
  • The Enrolment fee is payable within seven calendar days of notification of your acceptance.
Once your family and children are pre-enrolled, you will become a member of the Friends of Manukau Christian School group.  Stay up to date with happenings in the school by downloading the school newsletter.  You are welcome to visit and observe any classroom or activities taking place in the school at any time—provided you notify us in advance so that we know to expect you.  Submission of the enrolment application form does not guarantee a place in the school.

Please check the school calendar in the newsletter for general school function dates and activities.  You are welcome to attend so that you can learn more about the School, get to know the teaching staff, and feel part of the wider School community. 

Enrolment Priority
The Board runs an enrolment list of potential students to be granted future enrolment and entrance to the school. We recommend that you complete the enrolment application as soon as possible to ensure your child is on the waiting list.   Successful applicants to the enrolment list are prioritised according to the following criteria:  

The Board gives top priority of admission to siblings of students already enrolled or who have brothers or sisters who are alumni of the School. Children whose parents attended Manukau Christian School have an automatic right of enrolment in the School. 

A second priority is given to those children and families who are recommended by the pastor of a Christian church, and where the family is a member or faithful adherent of that church.

A third priority on the waiting list is children of families who are recommended to the School by a current school family or by a family whose children have now graduated from the School. 

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