Our Staff and Classes

Our staff are our biggest asset.   They are passionate, dedicated and a strength of our school.  Our teachers believe their gifts and talents are used in a way that is a response to God’s calling.   They love, pray for and nurture our children – it is never ‘just a job’!
Full-time Staff for 2018 (alphabetical order): 
Mrs Christina Ackermann L.P.T.C.
Mr Gabriel Boyd BA, DipTchg
Mrs Minda Busch BEd
Miss Priscilla Dhinakar BA, DipTchg
Mrs Madelaine du Plessis BEd
Miss Louise Kennedy (Team Leader) BA, DipTchg
Mrs Leonie Logan BEd, DipTchg
Miss Char Luck (Team Leader) HDipEd (Special Ed)
Mrs Evelyn Luther BEd
Miss Jessica Sonneveld BTchg
Part-time Teachers:
Mrs Susan Dando  BSc, BA, DipTchg 
Mr Richard Flinn  MBA, MDiv

Mrs Elsie Orr
Mrs Maree Kennedy
Mr Shane Kennedy BA, DipTchg  
Mr Gareth Jones BSc, PGSE 


Classes may be grouped in different levels from year to year depending on numbers. 
Principal:                    Mr Peter Slaney BSc, BAppTheol, DipTchg

Deputy Principal:         Mr Scott Kennedy BA, BSc, DipTchg
Executive Officer:        Mrs Geraldine Oosterbeek  DipCom, DipPR
Admin Assistant:         Mrs Susan Lowen
Teacher Aides:            Mrs Nicole Fickling, Mrs Sam Savill
Caretaker:                  Mr Maurice Papesch
IT Specialist:               Mr Arco van de Weg
char web-670-371-589
                              Miss Luck
Mr Pete Slaney:

"It is a wonderful privilege to serve as principal of this fine school, where Christ is central to everything. Guiding students in their formative years, to help them achieve the potential that God has placed within them is an exciting and rewarding endeavour." 

Miss Char Luck:

"It is such a blessing and privilege to teach at a school that reflects family and God's love.  The children love learning here and it is a joy to teach them."
Mr Pete Slaney - Principal

Chris web (2)
                      Mrs Ackermann

Mrs Christina Ackermann:

"At MCS there are strong principles in place with God's Word as the foundation.  Each student is valued as someone with special abilities who makes a unique contribution to others."
Geraldine web green-227-679
Mrs Geraldine Oosterbeek
Evelyn web1
                                 Mrs Luther
Mrs Evelyn Luther:

"I am grateful to be part of MCS where I can teach through the lens of the bible and the Christian worldview."
.Mrs Madelaine du Plessis:

"It is great to be a part of the MCS family.  Every child is unique and valued, loved and encouraged to reach their potential."
Mrs Madelaine du Plessis
Leonie web
                           Mrs Logan
Mrs Leonie Logan:

"I love the environment at MCS where we can freely share our Christian beliefs with the children.  I also love the supportive and caring people who nurture the children in our school."
Nicole web-3
Mrs Nicole Fickling
Minda web2-601
                                Mrs Busch
Mrs Minda Busch

"I love being part of the MCS family.  It is a privilege to not only be involved in shaping children to become responsible and develop a love for learning, but also to discover the love, glory and faithfulness of our God." 
maree web-863
Mrs Maree Kennedy
                            Miss Sonneveld
Miss Jessica Sonneveld:
"MCS provided me with a rich education, thanks to nurturing, inspiring teachers.  I now have the privilege to do the same.  My ultimate passion is to see children love Jesus and love learning."
susan web
Mrs Susan Lowen
Louise class
                            Miss Kennedy
Miss Louise Kennedy:

"I love working at MCS.  I feel privileged to be able to open God's word and pray with and for my class.  I love the culture here, where there is a real enthusiasm and passion for learning."

Mr Maurice Papesch

                             Mr Kennedy
Mr Scott Kennedy:

"Teaching at MCS is an absolute pleasure. Our 'no excuses' policy and high expectations lead to solid results. But more important than this, our students are daily presented with the gospel challenge to repent and believe in King Jesus."
IMG 1158-366
Mr Arco van de Weg
                           Miss Dhinaker
Miss Priscilla Dhinakar:

"While it's a privilege to be able to teach young people skills to make sense of their world, how much more wonderful it is to be able to give them the enduring gift of the good news about Christ."
Sue web-814
 Mrs Sue Dando
gabeweb                               Mr Boyd Mr Gabriel Boyd
"It is exciting to be a teacher in a school that is not only passionate about students achieving, but is also passionate about them doing so for God.  This makes MCS a fantastic and positive school to be a part of."           



To pursue excellence for Christ by developing our God-given gifts and using them in His service.

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