Our Staff and Classes

Our staff are our biggest asset.   They are passionate, dedicated and a strength of our school.  Our teachers believe their gifts and talents are used in a way that is a response to God’s calling.   They love, pray for and nurture our children – it is never ‘just a job’!
Full-time Staff for 2024 (alphabetical order): 
Mr Ethan Aloiai BEd
Miss Priscilla Dhinakar BA, DipTchg
Mrs Elaine du Plessis BEd
Mrs Cheryl Everitt BA
Mr Shaun Gibson MEng, DipTchg
Mrs Angela Goodwin BEd
Miss Louise Kennedy (Team Leader) BA, DipTchg

Mrs Charlotte Maney B.A. DipTchg
Mrs Hannah Prakasa BSc DipTchg
Mrs Jessica Schellingerhout BEd AdvDipRem
Mrs Margaret Smilde BEd BLS
Mrs Gail Tegg BEd
Mrs Nadine Thomas (Team Leader) BComm, PGCE
Mrs Fiona 'Iongi-Vaea BEd MTheol
Mrs Paula van Niekerk BEd
Mrs Amanda Wichmann BA PGCE

Part-time Teachers:

Mrs Christina Ackermann L.P.T.C.
Mrs Sarah Fritschi BA, MTchg

Mr Shane Kennedy BA, DipTchg   
Classes may be grouped in different levels from year to year depending on numbers. 

Principal:                   Mr Scott Kennedy BA/BSc, DipTchg
Executive Officer:       Mrs Geraldine Oosterbeek  DipCom, DipPR
Administration:          Mrs Nicole Fickling
Teacher Aides:           Mrs Sam Savill, Mrs Roneeta Chand
Lab Technician:          Mrs Maria Shallard
Caretaker:                 Mr Peter Donaldson

IT Specialist:              Mr Jono Willis
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Mr Scott Kennedy - Principal
"Teaching at MCS is an absolute pleasure. Our 'no excuses' policy and high expectations lead to solid results. But more important than this, our students are daily presented with the gospel challenge to repent and believe in King Jesus."
Geraldine cropped-218
Mrs Geraldine Oosterbeek - Executive Officer
"I love being part of the MCS family: serving staff, parents and students, with Christ being at the centre of all. The work culture is wonderful and the students are delightful!"

Nicole web-3-719
Mrs Nicole Fickling - Reception and Administration
"It is such a blessing to be working at MCS.  The staff and students are like family, we celebrate with each other and pray for each other. Being able to share the gospel with students is such a privilege." 
Mrs Elaine du Plessis - Year 1 Room 101

"It is an absolute blessing to be part of MCS.  I am passionate about education and strive to create a fun learning environment while setting high academic standards.  I know God has directed my path to MCS to educate, inspire and instil godly morals and values with a growth mindset in each child." 
Mrs Paula van Niekerk - Year 2 Room 102
"I absolutely love teaching and to be able to combine my teaching vocation with my faith is truly amazing! I really enjoy getting to know my students, being able to pray with them and use the timeless biblical truths to help them learn and grow"
Fiona Vaea
Mrs Fiona Vaea - Year 3 Room 103
"Working at MCS is my blessing and joy. The commitment to Christian values resonates deeply with my personal belief, giving me the opportunity to contribute to a harmonious and purpose-driven work environment in raising the next generation to know Christ. What a privilege it is to journey with our students as they learn and build their Christ-given talents, and seeing them grow and excel as lifelong learners.
Mrs Nadine Thomas - Year 4 Room 108, Team Leader
"I love being part of the MCS family.  I am thankful to be part of an exceptional team and to be able to teach students to fall more in love with God each day so that students can be who He created them to be."
IMG 6955 web
Mrs Angela Goodwin - Year 5 Room 106
"It is such a joy and privilege to be part of MCS - a school with such high academic standards and one that trains students to develop exceptional character, all through a biblical worldview."
Louise class
Miss Louise Kennedy - Year 6 Room 104, Team Leader
"I love working at MCS.  I feel privileged to be able to open God's Word and pray with and for my class.  I love the culture here, where there is a real enthusiasm and passion for learning."
Jess Web-858
 Mrs Jessica Schellingerhout - Year 7 Room 107
"Working at MCS is an honour and privilege, not only because I work with awesome students and colleagues, but I have the opportunity to serve in God's word and make a difference in Christian education."
Amanda web-827
Mrs Amanda Wichmann - Year 8 Room 105
"I am honoured to be part of the MCS team and I am called to be here in this season of my life.  I look forward to building wonderful relationships with the students and staff."  
Chris web (2)-263-631
Mrs Christina Ackermann - Teacher Coach and Release Teacher, Primary School
"At MCS there are strong principles in place with God's Word as the foundation. Each student is valued as someone with special abilities who makes a unique contribution to others."
Miss Priscilla Dhinakar - Geography, History, Economics 
"While it's a privilege to be able to teach young people skills to make sense of their world, how much more wonderful it is to be able to give them the enduring gift of the good news about Christ."

Charlotte smallweb-164-824-906-932-486
Mrs Charlotte Maney - English     Homeroom 204
"I am thrilled to be at MCS. Here I have the opportunity to guide young people to explore what it means to be a human being made in God's image while examining the inter-connectedness of literature and other subjects through a Christian worldview lens."
Mrs Hannah Prakasa - Biology, Chemistry       Homeroom 205

" It is a pleasure to teach at MCS whose vision is to pursue excellence for Christ in everything from small everyday tasks to academic pursuits. Our students strive not just for academic excellence but also to develop excellent character which is the greatest achievement. I am delighted to be part of this team."
Mr Ethan Aloiai - Biblical and Worldview Studies, Head of High School
"Teaching at MCS is a very special privilege because we get the opportunity to equip children with the tools they need to make sense of this world and to reach their full potential. Academic excellence for the glory of God is foundational to what we are about."
Shaun Gibson-452
Mr Shaun Gibson  - Economics, Physics and Mechanics   Homeroom 203
"It is a joy to join the team at MCS this year and to be part of a school that is dedicated to excellence in academic achievement and gospel-centred godliness." 
Cheryl web-308
Mrs Cheryl Everitt - Mathematics and Year 8 Science
"I have come to MCS after many years of mathematics teaching in Auckland high schools.  I look forward to a new season where I can step back from leadership roles and focus on my teaching in an environment that encourages excellence and supports faith." 
Margaret web
Mrs Margaret Smilde - Geography and PE
"I am excited to be joining the teaching team at Manukau Christian School.  It is a privilege to encourage students to view the world with a biblical perspective."
Mrs Gail Tegg - Art Teacher
"I truly feel blessed to be part of the MCS family. It is a privilege to be able to teach in a school where Christ is included in every way."
Mrs Maria Shallard - Lab Assistant
Mrs Sam Savill - Teacher Aide
Roneeta Chand small-313-381
Mrs Roneeta Chand - Teacher Aide
shane welcome-397-962-517
Mr Shane Kennedy - Psychology
   Peter web-456
Mr Peter Donaldson - Caretaker 

Sarah Fritschi web-544
Mrs Sarah Fritschi - ESOL and Learner Support


To pursue excellence for Christ by developing our God-given gifts and using them in His service.

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