High School: Years 9 to 13

The high school comprises students in Years 9 to 13. All students must apply for entrance into Year 9.  This will include an assessment and an interview. 

  • A curriculum where teaching, learning and assessments are linked to international and external benchmarks.
  • Courses include a full range of subjects:  Bible, Math, English, Science, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Psychology.  
  • Additional options are provided as modules.
  • By subscribing to the Cambridge curriculum, we ensure your child has the opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised qualification.  Our school will continue to have high academic expectations for your child. 
  • There is a focus on Bible, Math, English and Science in Years 9 to 13, preparing your child for a strong finish in their secondary education, ready to move onto tertiary education. 
  • We have a distinctive focus on teacher-student relationships, including pastoral conversations. 
  • An excellent teacher:student ratio means your child will be known by his/her teachers and not become a number who slips through the cracks socially and academically.
  • Teaching students how to think and live out a Biblical worldview will be a focus of our Bible programme. This is essential to prepare your child for adult life. 
  • We encourage parents to partner with us in the education of their teenagers.
  • Our high school size enables us to provide the personal touch.  Research shows that students do better academically in school where each student is known by the Principal and has a good working relationship with their teachers. 

External Exams
Students sit Cambridge External IGCSE exams in the middle of Year 11 and at the end of Year 11. 

A levels are usually spaced out over two years and are made up of two units: AS (Year 12) and A2 (Year 13). 


Senior students demonstrating their science experiment to a junior student
Our High School extends through to Year 13, preparing students for tertiary education.  Please ask us for our High School Qualifications Pathway Guide for detailed information on progression plans and pathways to university.     


To pursue excellence for Christ by developing our God-given gifts and using them in His service.

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