International Students

How to Enrol

  • Read our Prospectus and Appendix for International Students.  Request a copy by ringing or emailing the school.
  • Ring for an enrolment form or download an Enrolment Form now.  
  • Post or email the completed form to the school.
  • The school will interview the pupil and parent/s or guardian.  
  • The school will contact you to confirm whether the enrolment is successful.
  • You will pay the enrolment and tuition fees.  
  • The school will supply you with an “Offer of place to a foreign student” for New Zealand Immigration Services if a student visa is required.
  • A receipt will be issued for submission to the NZIS. Tuition fees will be deposited to the Trust Account and will be withdrawn a term in arrears.  
  • You will be assessed on arrival at school.
  • Contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy or agent for information on visa requirements.  
  • If you are a visitor to New Zealand, you will need a student visa if you are going to study for more than 12 weeks.  All students must continue to live with their parents for the duration of their student visa. The school will carry out on-site visits to ensure the student continues to live with the parent.
  • Read our Refund Policy that is described in Prospectus for International Students.
  • Download a copy of our International Student Handbook.
  • Read the Code of Practice that we subscribe to as explained in Prospectus for International Students.  Our school is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.


Enrolment Fee: $500
Course Fees:     Years 1-6 - $11,000 per year

                          Years 7-8 - $13,000 per year

                          Years 9 and up - $15,000 per year

Special Individual Tuition is charged out at $35 per hour as deemed necessary by the school.

Enrolment is subject to availability of places within Manukau Christian School.
  1. The Principal shall have absolute discretion as to which children he shall enrol. He will be guided by the statements as stipulated in the School Prospectus under “Enrolment Guidelines”.
  2. The enrolment fee is a once-off payment only. If your period of stay is extended, no additional enrolment fee is paid.
  3. Enrolment becomes a binding contract when a place has been reserved and the enrolment fee has been paid.
  4. School fees cannot be transferred to any other student.
Documentation Required

If you are a New Zealand citizen or have permanent residence, you will need to provide an original or certified copy of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • NZ passport or overseas passport with permanent residency stamp or
  • Certificate of citizenship

If you are travelling to New Zealand from abroad, travel insurance is required.

Payment Options:

Fees can be paid by:
  • Credit Card (a 1.5% surcharge applies) 
  • Electronic transfer from your bank to our bank account: Manukau Christian School, a/c 12 3615 0014533 01, ASB Bank, Auckland, New Zealand.




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