Dress Code


There is no school uniform, however all children are expected to be suitably and neatly dressed, neither unduly flamboyant nor overly casual.

We want to ensure that the focus of our effort at school at all times is on providing a high-quality education for our children.  Therefore, we do not want to be distracted by discussions and debates over whether a particular dress style or adornment is appropriate. We recognise that parents and homes have different views and standards on such matters. Consequently, our approach is to insist on a minimal adornment and dress affectation whilst at school.  (Please note that we are not expressing any views or opinions on any particular fashion or its appropriateness in general, nor implying that any particular dress culture is intrinsically moral or Christian.  Rather, we are focused on what leads to managing an efficient and focused school where our pupils are able to focus on learning and quality interaction with teachers.)

Parents must ensure children are neatly, suitably and cleanly dressed at all times.


Tshirts web
Senior pupils modelling our school T-shirt.

School embroidered Polo Shirts are required when on school trips, sports events and cultural exchanges with other schools. This helps us watch out for our pupils when travelling or in locations other than the school grounds.  The polo shirt may also be worn for P.E.  Polo shirts are available for purchase from the school office.  We also have Polar fleece, embroidered school hats and caps available for purchase.   Pupils may still wear the 'old-style' polo shirt.

Hair must be tidy, well groomed and cut in a short masculine style.  No dyeing, colouring or bleaching of hair is permitted.  No jewellery may be worn.

Hair must be tidy, well groomed and feminine. Long hair must be tied back from the face.  No dyeing, colouring or bleaching of hair is permitted.  No jewellery, bangles, threads, nail polish or make-up may be worn. Plain studs only in pierced ears.

Suitable footwear includes the following:
  • School shoes with flat heels
  • Sandals with backs i.e. Roman sandals
  • Sneakers with socks

Sunhats and Caps:
During the first and fourth terms children must wear a sunhat or cap while outside.

Physical Education:
Girls and boys are required to wear shorts, a T-shirt or top and suitable footwear. 


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