Primary School: Years 1 to 6


Our Bible programme is designed to teach children to study the Bible for themselves, understand its message and seek to apply God's word to every aspect of their lives.

This  includes handwriting, reading, spelling, grammar, composition and oral expression.

Letterland Day - some Year 1 students dressed as their favourite character

Year 1 students drawing to assist with their core development. 

Magnifying those moments to see what's really happening...
A solid foundation in reading will reap rewards later.  A strong emphasis is placed on teaching phonics so that children learn to read and write within the first year.

Our two-fold approach to phonics includes our own phonic programme plus the Letterland programme.  This combination has proven to be very successful. Our systematic approach is complemented by reading at home every day. Children are taught to 'sound' out unfamiliar words.

All children throughout the school have spelling homework every day. Year 1 children will start with three to five words and children in Year 6 progress onto etymology (origin of words).