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Manukau Christian School is not an integrated or a state school, but an independent school.  Therefore as a private school we are able to run our Christian curriculum in conjunction with Cambridge International Examinations.  This gives your child an internationally recognised benchmark at Primary, Middle and Senior level.  Cambridge International Examinations have been adopted by an increasing number of secondary schools in New Zealand. 

The Cambridge curriculum is adapted to our New Zealand context and content. This means that your child will be well equipped to excel at all levels and in particular gain excellent preparation for tertiary education.  
A leaflet for parents and students explaining the benefits of a Cambridge education is available by accessing the following link:


Cambridge Qualifications

Years 1 to 6:  Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
Course work through primary years culminates in the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exam at the end of Year 6 in Maths, Science and English.  The results of these exams enable our teachers to pin point pupils' strengths and weaknesses for the next year levels.

Years 7 to 9:  Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint
At the end of Year 9 pupils sit the Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint examination in Maths, Science and English. 

Years 10 and 11:  Cambridge IGCSE

This examination and qualification is well known and recognized in the international education arena.  This is a two year programme starting in Year 10 and carrying through until the end of Year 11. 

Students choose from a range of subjects with a maximum selection of eight subjects.  Subjects are available in either core or extended levels. 

Years 12 and 13:  Cambridge International A Levels

Entrance into university is attainable through achievement of Cambridge International AS and A levels.    A levels are usually spaced out over two years and are made up of two units:  AS and A2 levels.

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  Our school average has consistently been
in the  "Excellence" range in both
English and Science Checkpoint Exams.

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Cambridge and your child

Each child is unique and courses are designed to be responsive to each child's individual needs.  The individual focus upon each child, however, takes place within the context of a comprehensive integrated curriculum.   Each year presupposes and builds upon the knowledge gained in the preceeding year.

The curriculum is well-structured and focuses on core subjects which provide essential tools to learning all other subjects. Our belief is that we are responsible to impart a foundation and framework to children that will enable them to keep growing and learning for the rest of their lives. Therefore, we focus particularly upon the core subject areas which are essential to all other learning. The most important core areas of learning are subjects related to language and numbers.

It is important that children start early to get a good foundation. 

There is strong and growing interest for students at senior levels to qualify under the internationally recognised Cambridge International Examination system.  This system provides curriculum and qualifications that are recognised throughout the world.

In order to do well at Cambridge exams in later school years it is essential that a good educational and scholastic foundation is laid in the early years.  By linking in with Cambridge in our curriculum and achievement standards and by using the Cambridge Checkpoint system, we are able to offer a comprehensive preparatory education for pupils to excel at Cambridge International Examinations.

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