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Students in Years 10 to 13 sat IGCSE, AS and A level exams in November 2020.  Congratulations are due to all our high school students who passed all their Cambridge exams - no small achievement!

AS and A level exams are pathways for entrance to university.   

Haoming Chen gained the highest mark in New Zealand for IGCSE Economics.  Congratulations Haoming - this is a wonderful achievement.

Student Leader, Tiaria Wilson, scored an A grade in every subject in AS and A level exams. 

IGCSE results were extremely good across all subjects, and phenomenally pleasing in Maths, with all students achieving either an A or B.  

Students in Year 6 sat Checkpoint Exams in October 2020.  We are delighted to celebrate and recognise their achievements. 

Results are graded on a scale of 0 to 6.  
6.0 is the highest possible score and shows the highest level of ability. 
Students achieving more than 5.0 have an excellent understanding of the curriculum content. 
Students achieving between 3.0 and 4.0 have a sound understanding of most of the curriculum content.   

Year 6 students' results are as follows:
The overall result for English is a score of  5.1
The overall result for Math is a score of 5.0
The overall result for Science is a score of 4.9. 

English and Math are in the Excellent Range and Science is in the Very Good range.  A noteworthy mention is the outstanding achievement of ten students who scored a perfect 6.0 - the highest possible overall score in one or more subjects.  Two students achieved 6.0 in all three subjects!  

The ever-growing roll and waiting list makes for exciting and challenging times.  We love the passion our teachers show, the enthusiasm our students have for learning and the commitment of our parents.

Our junior students have enjoyed so many exciting activities  - as you can see from their happy faces!   Activities included our own Olympic Games afternoon, a trip to Ambury Park Farm, a trip to the Botanic Gardens, and visits by the Police and a Trustboard member who showed us his little chicks.  Senior students learnt CPR and how to deal with an emergency situation. 

IMG 20210209 111541-122
Students who scored a perfect 6.0 in Maths

IMG 20210209 111839-843
Students who scored a perfect 6.0 in Science

DSC 0926-600

Above:  Haoming Chen - Top in New Zealand in
IGCSE Economics

DSC 0959-238-566

Above: Tiaria Wilson - straight A's in all
AS and A level subjects. 

IMG 20210209 111941-186

   Above: Milika Latu and Mason Faletanoai scored
a perfect 6.0 in all three subjects for Cambridge
Checkpoint Exams


IMG 20210209 111409-855

Students who scored a perfect 6.0 in English



Botanic Gardens Trip
Year 3 Cross Country
Senior Cross Country
Ambury Park Farm
Chicks in the classroom
Olympic Games
Visit from NZ Police

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