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2023 Mid Year Results
We are incredibly proud of the results achieved by our Year 11 students for their IGCSE exams.  

Three of our students scored Top in New Zealand for both Mathematics and  English - a wonderful feat.  

Joint first are Serena Wang and Ezra Liu - with a score of 199/200 in IGCSE Mathematics.

Ruby Carter achieved the top result for IGCSE English. 

79% of our students received an A result in English and 21% received a B result. 
79% of our students received an A result in Mathematics, 5% received a B result and 16% received a C result. 

Secondary Schools Placements
Secondary school results for 2022 were published in the New Zealand Herald on Saturday, 3rd March 2024. See our school's standing! We are blessed with hard-working teachers and students: first-rate all round.

Results University Entrance-981

2022 End of Year Results
Cambridge results for 2022 reflect the tenacity, perseverance and commitment to excellence that students took on board.  We are so proud of them as they rose to the occasion amidst a challenging year.  Congratulations!    

AS and A level (Year 12 and 13) top achievers were dominated by six students, two of whom scored A's in all subjects.  Our congratulations go to Riana Brown and Haoming Chen for this achievement, scoring straight A's in English, Biology, Math and Psychology - see photos below.
                                  riana                               ming
Straight A's in all subjects for Riana Brown and Haoming Chen

Sanya Uppal, Kenneth Pan, Ruth Madoka and Kanak Ahuja also achieved one or more A's. 

Year 11 students had phenomenal results. Six students achieved A* results (90% and over), with Thomas Fryer and Vinayak Sharma achieving A* results in all exams, including a double-award subject. 

As a first-time experience for Year 10 students sitting IGCSE exams, nine out of 16 students achieved an A pass in their exam, with Opal Ahuja and Serena Wang achieving an A*.  Students who achieved A results were Armann Garcha, Eva Jones, Oswald Kuik, Rohan Prasad, Sahil Sandhu and  Samardeep Singh. Congratulations to all Year 10 students whose results were incredibly pleasing all round. 

2022 Mid Year Results
Year 11 students had a head start on their IGCSE exams this year, sitting English and Mathematics ahead of schedule in June 2022 instead of November 2022.  This frees them up to concentrate on three IGSCE exams in November 2022 instead of five.  Their results were incredibly pleasing.  Mathematics was a standout again, with more than half the class scoring an A* (90% and up) and half the class scoring an A and above for English.  All Year 11 students have now achieved their numeracy requirement for University Entrance next year.

Matthew Shallard sat three subjects and scored an A* for each subject (Math, English and Economics),  Jessica Goodwin and Thomas Fryer scored an A* in both Mathematics and English, with Caleb Harvey, Mia Wang and Vinayak Sharma hot on their heels with A* and A respectively in Math and English.  No students' results were lower than a C.  Well done students - your hard work has paid off!  And congratulations to our dedicated teachers also. 

Graph June 2022

2021 Results
Amid a turbulent year that included lockdowns and on-line learning, student achievement in the rigorous Cambridge Assessment exams has been exceptional. These results reflect the dedication of our teachers, effective remote teaching programmes and the commitment of students. We celebrate your successes and give thanks to our Lord and Saviour.  

Year 11 students scored exceptional results in their IGCSE exams.  Five of our twelve students achieved A grades across the board for all their subjects.  Congratulations are due to Riana Brown, Haoming Chen, Preston Gillett, Ruth Madoka and Sanya Uppal.  An outstanding achievement. 
Excellent results were achieved in Mathematics at IGCSE level with every student scoring an A or A+ grade.  Of these A grades, 83% of students scored an A+ result.  Congratulations to our Year 11 students!
AS and A2 level exams are pathways for entrance to university.
AS and A2 exam results for Year 12 and 13 students are also pleasing.   Tanaka Manhondo in Year 13 achieved A's in all her Cambridge exams and was also recently  awarded a Vice-Chancellor's scholarship from the University of Otago to the value of $10,000.  Tanaka is one of our International Students who has been enrolled at MCS for the past five years.  Tanaka is planning on studying for a Bachelor of Health Sciences, specialising in Biomedical Science.  Well done Tanaka.  May our Lord be with you and guide you in all you do. 

Students who received A-grades at AS level (Year 12) are Kanak Ahuja, Stephanie Simons, Kenneth Pan, Chetna Singh and Samantha Whyte.  Well done.  


2020 Results
Congratulations are due to all our high school students who passed all their Cambridge exams - no small achievement!

Haoming Chen gained the highest mark in New Zealand for IGCSE Economics.  Congratulations Haoming - this is a wonderful achievement.

Student Leader, Tiaria Wilson, scored an A grade in every subject in AS and A level exams. 

IGCSE results were extremely good across all subjects, and phenomenally pleasing in Maths, with all students achieving either an A or B.  

Students in Year 6 sat Checkpoint Exams in October 2020.  We are delighted to celebrate and recognise their achievements. 

Results are graded on a scale of 0 to 6.  
6.0 is the highest possible score and shows the highest level of ability. 
Students achieving more than 5.0 have an excellent understanding of the curriculum content. 
Students achieving between 3.0 and 4.0 have a sound understanding of most of the curriculum content.   

Year 6 students' results are as follows:
The overall result for English is a score of  5.1
The overall result for Math is a score of 5.0
The overall result for Science is a score of 4.9. 

English and Math are in the Excellent Range and Science is in the Very Good range.  A noteworthy mention is the outstanding achievement of ten students who scored a perfect 6.0 - the highest possible overall score in one or more subjects.  Two students achieved 6.0 in all three subjects!  

The ever-growing roll and waiting list makes for exciting and challenging times.  We love the passion our teachers show, the enthusiasm our students have for learning and the commitment of our parents.

Our junior students have enjoyed so many exciting activities  - as you can see from their happy faces!   Activities included our own Olympic Games afternoon, a trip to Ambury Park Farm, a trip to the Botanic Gardens, and visits by the Police and a Trustboard member who showed us his little chicks.  Senior students learnt CPR and how to deal with an emergency situation. 
IMG 20210209 111541-122
Students who scored a perfect 6.0 in Maths

IMG 20210209 111839-843
Students who scored a perfect 6.0 in Science

IMG 20210209 111409-855

Students who scored a perfect 6.0 in English

Top in New Zealand 2023

TOP NZ-918

                 Top: Ruby Carter - Top in NZ in IGCSE English
                 Left to Right: Ezra Liu and Serena Wang -
                        Top in NZ in IGCSE Mathematics. 

2022 Top End of Year Students: Year 12 and 13

Sanya Uppal and Kenneth Pan (A-grade achievers)
Kanak Ahuja and Ruth Madoka  (A-grade achievers) 


2022 Top Mid Year Students

Matthew Shallard, Jessica Goodwin and Thomas Fryer:
A* achievers
Matthew also scored an A* in Economics and attained a grade of 99% in Mathematics

Caleb Harvey, Mia Wang and Vinayak Sharma:
A* and A achievers 

2021 Top Achievers

20211119 124225 resized-303-640

Tanaka Manhondo achieved A-grade results in all subjects and is a recipient of a Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship from the University of Otago.


Students who achieved A-grades in 2021 AS exams:
Kanak Ahuja, Kenneth Pan, Stephanie Simons, Chetna Singh and Samantha Whyte.


Students who achieved A-grades in all four subjects for IGCSE exams:  Riana Brown, Haoming Chen, Preston Gillett, Ruth Madoka and Sanya Uppal. 


DSC 0926-600

Above:  Haoming Chen - Top in New Zealand in
IGCSE Economics

DSC 0959-238-566

Above: Tiaria Wilson - straight A's in all
AS and A level subjects. 

IMG 20210209 111941-186

   Above: Milika Latu and Mason Faletanoai scored
a perfect 6.0 in all three subjects for Cambridge
Checkpoint Exams




Botanic Gardens Trip
Year 3 Cross Country
Senior Cross Country
Ambury Park Farm
Chicks in the classroom
Olympic Games
Visit from NZ Police

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